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5 inch FPV Racing Drone chasing Extreme E car for broadcast service
5 inch FPV Drone filming for film and tv using racing drones. Filming motorsports and car drifting

FPV stands for First Person View. This technique has been named due to the unique way the drone is flown using FPV goggles.

It is a drone flying technique that evolved out of drone racing, and it is all about capturing epic footage from a HD camera mounted on an FPV racing quadcopter. They are more agile and smaller than your average drone, allowing directors and producers a wider range of shots. The pilot's ability to see directly from the front of the aircraft means our FPV pilot can fly their aircraft with incomparable accuracy.


FPV offers entirely unique content that never ceases to amaze. Our unique fleet ranges from high-speed drones (100mph+) to our 100gram drone for tight gaps and close proximity flying around people. 


The ACRO mode, unique to racing drones, introduces flips, rolls and power-loops to your footage. 

Watching the footage you will feel like a bird soaring through landscapes, diving down skyscrapers or cliffs.

FPV shots offer the most creative and dynamic solutions to your requirements and can elevate your production with never seen before shots.


5 inch racing drone for Film and TV productions

  • Instant torque allows speeds of up to 100mph.


  • Also available with protective ducts.


  • Allows flips, rolls, and building dives all while maintaining gimbal-like stability.


  • 500 grams, ideal for hitting the small gaps and smooth interior shots.


  • Protective ducts allows for safe flying around people.

  • Best for cruising, speeds up to 65mph.

Cinewhoop FPV Drone with GoPro Hero 6 and protective ducts for indoor and safe flying


BetaFPV95x small micro drone with stripped GoPro for interior and precision flying
  • At 100 grams for a fully functional drone, this is the go to for the most precise shots.

  • Features a fully-stripped GoPro Hero 6/8 weighing 17g. 


  • FPV Heavy-Lifter capable of carrying for payloads from 1-4kg

  • Ideal for Freefly Wave/Ember Zcam, Red Komodo, Sony FS6X/A7S, Blackmagic Pocket 6K

  • Also available with protective ducts

Red Komodo on an FPV Cinelifter drone, with cinema lens. HD feed for drone pilot.
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